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Belblatt roe and fox call was developed and fine tuned over a period of 5 years of hard hunting and calling, it features an exclusive interchangable and engraved reed for both fox and roe.

It is made out of a single, massive piece of ABS which results in an undestructible workhorse that will simply outlive us all.

The wide gap between the reed and the call ensures that all the known roecalls are very close together on the toneboard and that you can switch immediately from a young high roe-sound to deeper adult roe-sound without the need to change the rubbers of the call or the necessity to turn the call around first like with many other roe-calls.

The same wide gap in combination with the thin and short lasercut fox reed enables the user to create a huge variety of distress sounds for calling predators.

Belblatt is also designed to be used handsfree and this for both all known roe-calls and a large variety of distress sounds for fox calling.

Because of the wide gap on the call and the interchangable reed It is according to us one of the most versatile calls  ever made in Europe, we both called and shot medal trophy bucks and lots of foxes with this super exiting little call!

It can be used for calling in bucks during the rut in which it absolutely shines but it can also be used for calling in does and fawns in the right time of the year.

A user manual and instructive video is available for out customers, roe-calling and hunting is super exiting with Belblatt!


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